ID Tech Ex 2019

New companies, government clusters, and venture capital firms alike are all beginning to show interest in the area of advanced materials that goes beyond passing by exposition booths for free candy and passive dialogue.

Having spent my initial startup efforts in a year-long program with AFFOA aka "Advanced Functional Fabrics of America", I have learned a lot about the magnitude of tax payer investments going into new materials and innovative manufacturing techniques.

Big companies are onboard too, namely WL GORE is seeking to harness new technology, recently opening up their doors to a new collaboration facility where they say "thoughts, skills, and experiences unite, sparking new ideas and opportunities".

The decision to utilize marketing dollars to attend the IDTECH Expo in Santa Clara, CA plays a large part in our strategy to get in a position where all of these tech-thirsty folks come together in one place, giving us a limited amount of time to demonstrate our technology to a foreseeable infinite amount of interested parties.

screen shot 2019-11-25 at 10.18.43 am.png